Dr Karin Hannweg is the new Chair for the Division: Tropical and Subtropical Fruit and Nuts (TROP) at the ISHS.

Congratulations to the SASHS award winners at the African Combined Congress, hosted at Ratanga Junction – Cape Town, 14-18 January 2018

  • Best Poster (open)

    Batista, LTC, Kleynhans, R : Leaf cutting production potential of different Lachenalia species. Tshwane University of Technology.

  • Best MSc Presentation

    EW Botes, University of Stellenbosch. Botes, J, Hoffman, EW, Zacarias, L : ‘Nadorcott’ mandarin fruit development and the influence of 20% white shade nets thereon with emphasis on fruit quality parameter.

  • Best PhD Presentation

    TG Smit, University of Pretoria. Smit, TG, Taylor, MJ, Allandale, JG : Water use dynamics of macadamia orchards.

  • Best Publication, SAJP&S (open)

    None submitted

  • Best Publication, peer reviewed (open)

    Ibraimo, N. A., Taylor, N. J., Steyn, J. M., Gush, M. B., & Annandale, J. G. (2016). Estimating water use of mature pecan orchards: A six stage crop growth curve approach. Agricultural Water Management177, 359-368.

  • Student Travel Award

    Theunis Smit

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